Pip Jackson

Pip Jackson  

Pip Jackson is a dedicated, enthusiastic and client-focused physiotherapist with 35 years’ post-graduate experience, 9 of these in senior and administrative positions.  For the past 21 years I have worked in, owned or co-owned a private practice in Johannesburg, focusing on the treatment of children and adults with neurological problems (for example, traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and children with  minimal brain dysfunction). I have also been involved in academic and hospital work on a part-time basis and medicolegal work. Currently the majority of my work is in the medicolegal field.

I have a broad spectrum of physiotherapy skills and advanced skills in the field of neurological rehabilitation, specifically acute neurology, neurosurgery (particularly head injury) and long term management of these, gerontology (including orthopaedic, respiratory, neurological and mobility disorders) and rehabilitation.


  • Diploma of Physiotherapy (1983 Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand)
  • Post basic Diploma in Neurology (1995 Auckland Institute of Technology, New Zealand), A grade pass
  • Master of Health Science (Honours) (2002, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)


Client focus

  •  Carried out skilled client assessments and designed effective treatment interventions in consultation with clients, their family and other team members.
  • Negotiation of realistic treatment goals with clients.
  • Effective communication with a range of people, in a style which motivates and empowers them to become involved in the design and planning of their own treatment.
  • Structuring of treatment methods to suit clients’ needs (i.e. in terms of lifestyle, transport, and other therapies).
  • Detailed assessment of clients for medicolegal purposes.
  • 2009 – 11 involved in En Able, a multidisciplinary wheelchair and equipment assessment and provision service with Sitwell Technologies
  • Committee member for the Head Injury Society (Waikato Inc, in New Zealand, from 1989 to 1991. This included the roles of secretary (1990) and publicity officer (1991).
  • Planned and implemented several normalising activities for patients at Ewart Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand, where I was the Section Head, between 1987 and 1988, e.g.: attendance at shows, social evenings, dances etc.
  • Wrote Master’s thesis entitled Parents’ Experiences of the Expertise of Their Child’s Physiotherapist, a qualitative study conducted in Johannesburg.
  • Ensuring a child-friendly safe environment within my own private practice which also comfortably accommodates adult clients and family members.
  • Accompanying clients to their medical specialists and other appointments, for example the Sit Lab, or neurologist on request.
  • Provided home visits for patients who needed these to access treatment and also for our patients when they needed these on a short term basis after surgical intervention or hospital admission.

Involvement in educational activities

  • 2019 I am in the process of participating in the second year of SAMLA’s workshops.
  • 2019 Co-presented a paper at the SAMLA RAF4 workshop entitled “Losses of Work Capacity, Amenities and Enjoyment of Life; Pain and Suffering” and presented a case study at the SAMLA TBI workshop
  • 2018 and 2019 Member of the faculty for SAMLA
  • 2018 completed SAMLA’s Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice course and passed the associated exam
  • 2018 presented talk entitled “The Assessment of Physical function After Personal Injury: A Physiotherapy Perspective” and attended the South African Medicolegal Association’s (SAMLA) short course run through UCT “Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice” which ran over 11 days and included an examination.
  • 2018 presented a talk entitled “Medicolegal Dos and Don’ts” at the South African Society of Physiotherapists (SASP) congress.
  • 2018 and 2019 Faculty member of SAMLA
  • 2018 presented a talk entitled “Exercise and Falls Management for Older People” to a group of senior citizens
  • 2016 Presented a talk entitled “Brain aneurysms and Arteriovenous Malformations to the Case Managers at Alexander Forbes
  • External examiner for University of the Witwatersrand’s Neurology Masters level students 2003, 2004, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • October 2005 presented workshop on Expert Testimony for South
    African Society of Physiotherapists Medicolegal Special Interest Group
  • Responsible for planning and ensuring the implementation of physiotherapy department’s continuing education programme, Health Waikato, New Zealand, 1991-1992
  • Ran workshops on MS for Wits University physiotherapy students (sometimes accompanied by one of my clients, who has MS) for a number of years
  • Guest speaker at AGM of Brain Injury Group, South Africa, May 2003
  • Speaker at Headways volunteer training day in Johannesburg, on managing head injured clients from a physiotherapy perspective, 1999 (approximately)
  • Responsible for planning and teaching the modules on the acquisition of motor skill and TBI to the University of the Witwatersrand’s undergraduate physiotherapy students (2002) in my role as a part time lecturer
  • Worked with undergraduate physiotherapy students in the classroom and in their clinical placements, in both New Zealand and South Africa over many years
  • Involvement in the Neuro Rehab Group of the South African Society of Physiotherapists (an educational forum), over many years. This includes co-authoring the SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIETY OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS white paper on rehabilitation.
  • Coursework (in New Zealand) and self-directed research (in South Africa), culminating in a Master of Health Science (Honours) degree in 2002
  • Involvement in workshops offered by the Tariffs Committee of the South African Society for Physiotherapists, on running a private practice
  • Initiated and developed an inter-hospital Neurology Special Interest and Education group in Wellington, New Zealand. With this group, set up a standardized method of assessment in the region. 1988 (approximately)
  • Acted as consultation resource regarding client management for other physiotherapists in several different hospitals and currently on an informal basis for physiotherapists in a number of private practices in Wellington and Hamilton New Zealand.

Service coordination

  • Currently I am running a busy practice which caters for the same types of clients as my previous practice. I employ 3 other physiotherapists and have 2 occupational therapists, a biokineticist, a podiatrist, orthotist, prosthetist and a speech language therapist offering services to clients from my rooms. My roles include all of the activities mentioned in regard to my previous private practice and additionally:
    • Co-ordinating treatment programmes for clients who are seeing a range of members of our multi-disciplinary team
    • Setting up and maintaining appropriate systems to manage the practice
    • Management of any staffing issues
    • Working with clients and medical aid schemes
    • Ensuring the provision of a quality service where clients get their money’s worth
    • Marketing
  • I addition to this we treat and manage sub-acute patients at Life New Kensington Clinic, which includes motivating for length of stay, obtaining necessary equipment and so on.
  • Successfully co-managed a busy private practice with two partners, catering for a wide range of clients (from babies and their parents through to older age adults), 1997 – 2006. This included coordination of a variety of roles including the following:
    • Financial portfolio
    • Home visits
    • Treatments within the practice setting
    • Work at St Mary’s School for Girls, Waverley
    • Work at Auravale long-stay rehabilitation/residential facility
    • Occasional guest lecturing
    • Relief work at local hospitals
  • 2004 was one of 2 co-directors to set up and assist in running Headway Gauteng’s “Headway Outreach Programme in Alexander” (HOPA). The programme now runs full time and provides a vital link for some of Alex’s Head Injured people.
  • Whilst working in the University of the Witwatersrand Physiotherapy Department, coordinated a range of teaching and clinical activities

 Service development

  • Planned, recruited for and initiated an effective and integrated physiotherapy service in the newly expanded Elderly Services Centre at Lakeland Health (Rotorua Hospital, New Zealand) 1993-1995 (approximately).
  • Involved in the development of Elderly Services as one of the key people working on new policy, staffing and planning and setting up a new facility for in-, out- and day-patients over the age of 65, 1993 – 1995.
  • Member of team set up by the Regional Health Authority in New Zealand to initiate processes to better manage aids and appliances.
  • I have developed, coordinated and run in-service training programmes in Wellington, Rotorua and Hamilton, New Zealand for physiotherapists, students (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing and medical), multidisciplinary team members and the public.
  • Started up my current practice including putting all systems in place for a functional infrastructure
  • Am in the process of building and setting up a new multidisciplinary out- and day-patient service at Life New Kensington Clinic.

 Operational management

  • Responsible for all operational requirements in my current practice.
  • Operational management of the multidisciplinary team in the Rehabilitation Clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand, with the aim of achieving a quality client-centred rehabilitation service.
  • As Section Head Physiotherapist, Assistant Charge Physiotherapist and Senior Physiotherapist at Wellington, Hamilton and Rotorua Hospitals
  • (respectively) in new Zealand, managed equipment, human resources and finances to meet service objectives.
  • Carried out day-to-day management of physiotherapy services within defined areas in Wellington, Hamilton and Rotorua, New Zealand.
  • Responsible for the rostering, maintenance and provision of the weekend and on-call service at Waikato Hospital in 1991-1992.

 Quality assurance

  • Involved in the initiation, planning and reporting back on a client satisfaction survey for the Rehabilitation Clinic, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand, 1996-1997.
  • Initiated, chaired and co-coordinated the first Waikato Hospital Physiotherapy Quality Team, 1995.
  • Chaired Quality Working Group at Lakeland Health (Rotorua Hospital, New Zealand), 1992-1995 (approximately).
  • Committee member, secretary and joint chairperson for Superior Services Committee, Waikato Hospital, 1990-1992. This was a hospital-wide quality assurance group.
  • Involved in POMR (Problem-Orientated Medical Records) review team, which designed and conducted an audit of physiotherapy recording standards in the Wellington region, 1988.

 Service monitoring

  • Ensuring the safe and ethical provision of physiotherapy services through service monitoring in a variety of different services, for example in Rotorua I developed service standards in conjunction with the Professional Advisor (Physiotherapy), and monitored the service provision in terms of patient throughput and outcomes, maintenance and safety of equipment and environment, client satisfaction, staffing levels and multidisciplinary team satisfaction with the physiotherapy service.


  • Member of the SAMLA faculty
  • 2002, 2011 and 2012 Committee Member for the South African Society of Physiotherapists Neuro Rehab Group
  • Assisted Dr V K Singh (neurologist) with background work and writing of an article on Guillain Barre Syndrome (1992)
  • Involvement in PSA (Public Service Association) as a physiotherapy delegate, site convenor and negotiator, in both Rotorua and Hamilton (New Zealand)
  • Seconded to work as a member of the job evaluation working party at Rotorua Hospital, 1994
  • Delegate for overseas-graduated physiotherapists, South African Society of Physiotherapists, 2000 – 2001
  • 2002 committee member of South African Society of Physiotherapists Tariffs Committee and Chairperson-elect of the South Gauteng branch of the South African Society of Physiotherapists.
  • 2003-6 Chairperson South African Society of Physiotherapists South Gauteng Province.
  • Have attended singing lessons for some years, and participate in eisteddfods and concerts
  • Assist in teaching dog training
  • PTA activities at my daughters’ school(s) 2008 – the present time
  • I love reading and baking
  • I play an active role in my church.